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Public Safety Concerns Propel Body-Worn Camera Market

There is a boom in demand for body-worn cameras, but which incident was responsible for this increase in demand? Was it just public safety or safety of law enforcement officers from wrong accusations raised by the public? The incident that most probably triggered the demand for body-worn cameras in the United States was the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. He was an 18-year-old African-American boy who was shot fatally by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, U.S.

Result of the shooting

The day following the shooting there were incidents of protests and riots in the city. Things were just not limited to peaceful protest, there was looting, vandalism, arson, firearm and more. After all, these were controlled, the mobs again become furious when the jurist decided that the Police officer was not to be indicted for the shoot. This was mainly because there was no evidence that whether the shooting was justified or not!

To restore the lost faith among the public, US President Barack Obama announced to build up a transparent police force which could win the trust of the public. Thus, to fulfil the commitment UD Federal Government awarded grants to different law enforcement agencies so that they can purchase law enforcement body-worn cameras.

For the implementation of the plan, Government allowed 50 % subsidy and at the same time, the agency was to set up proper training policy. Now, in the US although the demand for body-worn cameras sprung after this incident, these cameras were in use in the UK and European countries since past few years.

Benefits derived from body-worn cameras

Though still more research is to be done in support of any statement, but still it is believed that after these body worn camera products are being used by Police officers there is a change in the frequency of complaints from citizens and they are also helpful in an internal investigation for misconduct by any police officer.

When a police officer is using body cameras, everything is recorded. Thus, the situation that “I am correct and he is correct,” does not arise. From the recording of the camera investigating officers can judge whether the conduct by the officer was right or wrong.

There are many cases where young women when stopped for drunk driving, accuse the officer that they were being sexually harassed! This will not happen and the truth can be revealed only if the Officer had body cams and it was recording the incident! Moreover, as the front-facing cameras show people that they are recorded, there is a visible change in their behaviour! Even the officer too knows that if they misconduct they will be recorded.


Right policies to make these cameras useful

It’s true that these cameras will be useful but for proper application of these cameras its necessary, those right policies are formulated.

Like, a police officer knows that he is being recorded every second. What if they do not agree to it? Everybody needs privacy and it is a concern of both the parties.

Moreover, who will be liable if the police officer forgets to switch on the camera or does so intentionally?

Once these policies are set one can really reap the benefits from body cameras which may reduce a lot of confusion among the public. 

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